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 Brontodon Brawl 2 and a Recap

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PostSubject: Brontodon Brawl 2 and a Recap   Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:16 pm

First of all, I just want to say congratulations and damn fantastic job to our team. Apuvious took over the operations and organization in my absence and I just want to thank him immensely for doing so. So the next time you see him, tell'em he's an awesome guy.

You guys all fought well and carried us pretty far into the tournament. Unlike the last minute participation we struggled with in the Limelight E-Sports tournament, we actually had a small window of time to practice and gather prospective players to PvP with us. Even though we only had about roughly 2~ weeks to prepare for the tournament, we held our ground against some of the more long-term teams out there.

Being a Swiss-style tournament, we scored the 5th most wins in the tournament therefor placing us in 5th place in a tournament with 8 other teams participating. On top of that, our matches were the best ones to watch, the most fun to watch, everyone in the TwitchTV chat wanted to watch actual fights and teamwork being pursued, not disorganized 25-to-0 stomps. We gave everyone a memorable show, we gave them matches to remember and talk about in the coming days.

Some of the Red 5 Devs and the veteran PvPers there were even asking us to continue fighting on even when we got eliminated in Round 3. That tells me something, doesn't it tell you something? We didn't win 1st place, but we won the people.

Keep on practicing and keep on working in pairs. Let's take 1st place in future tournaments together. Keep up the good work everyone.

Shoutouts to our Brontodon Brawl Team:

The final score tally can be found here:
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Brontodon Brawl 2 and a Recap
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